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Front view [17K]

  • Dual Trace
  • Blue screen C.R.T. type 89J
  • 100KHz Bandwidth
  • 22 Valves
  • Size 16.5" by 12" by 20" (42cm by 30.5cm by 51cm)
  • Weight : 75Lb (34Kg) !!!
NOTES Amazingly, there are no electrolytic capacitors anywhere.

The valve line-up includes some very strange numbers such as 63SPT, OM6 and the strangest of all the SD6. The SD6 (a Cossor special) is the only "modern" miniature valve in there, and crammed within its little glass overcoat is a diode. One diode. Not even a power diode but a single small-signal diode.

Also has the ultimate in brightness control ; lower the rear cover and move the connections over to change from 2 to 4KV EHT !
SERVICE DATA You can find a copy of the service manual in .PDF format on the Service Data page.
CURRENT STATE I'm currently in weight training prior to attempting to lift the monster up onto the worktable !
WHERE FOUND Acquired when I was a student at Manchester University far too many years ago. I have a second "spares" set but can't for the life of me remember where the hell I got it from!
RHS Chassis View [17K] LHS Chassis View [18K]

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