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Front view [26K]

  • February 1952
  • Single Trace
  • 2¾" green screen
  • 120KHz (x75) or 1.5MHz (x20) bandwidth.
  • Four valves (three 6AM6 plus SD61 diode)
    plus three metal rectifiers.
  • AC Mains
  • Original cost £29 10s.

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from 1954 [101K]
Of a similar vintage to the GEC miniscope, the chassis here is far less packed and has a much larger CRT, yet weight and volume are similar.

As a laboratory 'scope it'd suck. However like the GEC it is aimed at a specific task - bying carried around and used by a T.V. service engineer and in this respect it is very well designed. The timebase covers 10Hz to 50KHz which was enough to cover the timebase rates of television (50Hz and ~10KHz). There is plenty of gain at lower frequencies, however the gain is minimal at 3.5MHz - which isn't really a limitation since in practice the only place you would need it is in a T.V.s video stages where the signal would be faily large anyway.

And don't bother looking for a mains on-off switch - there isn't one ! Just plug in and go.
SERVICE DATA You can find a copy of the service manual in .PDF format on the Service Data page.
CURRENT STATE Clean and complete with the often-missing cap that protects the CRT during transit.
WHERE FOUND May 2004 NVCF for ... um ... I've forgotton. £25 ?
Chassis View [23K]

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