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I'm keen to get some more Cossor manuals on-line.
If you can help with any such equipment ? If so please
contact me via the Guestbook page.

Picture of unit [5K]
Cossor 343
Cossor 343 frequency modulated ganging oscillator. The manual includes a useful section on radio alignment procedure, also includes schematic.
Instruction Manual 343.pdf [1.8M]
Link to page about the Cossor 339a
Cossor 339a
A huge 90-odd page manual. If you just want the basic info for servicing the instrument you just need part 5. Part 3 contains general information on using oscilloscopes.
Part 1 : 339_1.pdf[629K] General description (including components).
Part 2 : 339_2.pdf[410K] Operating instructions .
Part 3 : 339_3.pdf[389K] Operating conditions.
Part 4 : 339_4.pdf[725K] Fundamentals of oscilloscope technique.
Part 5 : 339_5.pdf[829K] Includes circuit diagram and component layout.
Link to page about the Cossor 1035
Cossor 1035
The Cossor 1035 manual contains operating instructions, circuit diagram + description, component list and coomponent layout.
Part 1 : 1035_1.pdf[697K] (includes schematic and circuit description)
Part 2 : 1035_2.pdf[733K] (includes calibration, component list and layout)

Cossor 1039M
"Introduction Book", which includes schematic and circuit description.
1039.pdf [729K]
Link to page about the Cossor 1049
Cossor 1049
 Specification, circuit description, parts list and circuit diagram. And not an electrolytic in sight ! This 'scope uses some odd Cossor valves and the manual omits any pin-out information. I therefor knocked up the second document which includes pin-out information plus list of valve alternatives.
1049.pdf [1,465K] (Main manual)
1049_valves.pdf [26K] (Additional valve information)

Cossor 1320
The service manual for the Cossor 1320 includes user instructions and circuit diagram / parts list for this versatile 405-line T.V. alignment generator.
1320.pdf [601K]

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