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Front View [20K]On/Off plus volumeTuning

  • Released 1936
  • LW,MW and SW superhet
  • 5 Valves (FC4, VP4B, TDD4, PENA4 plus
    1821 rectifier)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost unknown
  • Size 13½ x 16¾ x 7½ inches
NOTES Well, here it is, final proof that the Philips radio designers of the 30's must have been on drugs. There's no chassis, all the components being mounted at all sorts of odd angles directly to the case. But the lack of a chassis enabled the the depth of the cabinet to be reduced, especially when you consider that the speaker is also set back several inches into the set. Ignoring the tuning scale which sticks out, the cabinet is only 6 inches deep.

Incredibly, none of the RF coils are shielded ! I can only assume they get away with this because of the large distance between the two I.F. coils plus the aerial and two I.F. coils all being mounted at ninety degrees to each other.

But aside from the oddball mechanics, the circuit itself is a fairly standard superhet design although the aerial input tuning is a bandpass circuit much favoured by Philips throughout most of the 30's.
SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the "Trader" service sheet #220 on CD#3.
CURRENT STATE The bakelite is awesome (although the photo is not) ! And until now I've never seen one with an intact original grill cloth.

But there has to be a downside. The red lettering has faded from the tuning scale and there is a slight mark on the scale (though not eay to see).

The H.T. electrolytics have been replaced with some modern parts but the job has been well executed and the rest of the set is pretty much original. Even the usually crumbling Philips wiring seems to have survived.


May 2002 National Vintage Communications Fair at the N.E.C. for £70.

Rear View [35K]Smoothing electrolytics have been replaced1821 RectifierPENA4 Audio Output ValveTDD4 Detector, AGC and first audio stageVP4B I.F. amplifierFC4 frequency changerBandpass-tuned aerial coils1st I.F. coilSecond I.F. coilWaveband SwitchMains transformer and voltage selector
"It appears to have been assembled with a shovel".
- G.V.Dixon-Nuttall
BVWS Bulletin Vol.7 No.1 (1982)

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