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COSSOR Model 348

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Reaction controlTuningWaveband + on/offVolume

  • Released 1936
  • LW, MW and SW superhet .. with reaction!
  • 4 Valves (41 STH, MSPen, 41MP and 442BU)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost unknown

Looks like it ought to be a battery set to me, but this is a mains set. Although it is a superhet design the set has a reaction control ... not seen that before. Being a 3 valve + rectifier set, it'd need all the gain it could get and in this case the raction is applied around the I.F. amplifier pentode which is also the demodulator).

Another slightly unusual feature is that instead of the usual combined volume / on-off switch th on-off switch is actually part of the waveband switch.

I'm also still suprised to see that a major manufacturer still used a triode output valve (I thought by this time only Philips would do such a thing).

I dated the set from the excellent book "Radio! Radio" ; the tuning dial has the London, National and North regional stations grouped together as "Nationals" on 261.1 metres (1936) but does not show Stagshaw on 267.4 or Welsh Regional on 373.1 (1937).

SERVICE DATA The original cossor service data is available on CD#3
CURRENT STATE The wood at front and sides is nice but the top has some gouges. The seller said he'd restored it electrically, and it certainly looks clean inside. The speaker cloth is a replacement but doesn't look too bad.
WHERE FOUND B.V.W.S bash at Easton-in-Gordano for £16.

Rear View [24K]Nice big mains energised speaker442BU Rectifier41STH Valve (Osc/mixer)Mains Transformer

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