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Front View [28K]

  • Late 1938
  • LW, MW plus four SW Wavebands
  • Push-button tuning
  • 6 mainly side-contact valves (EF8, EK2, EF9,
    EBL1, AZ1 rectifier plus EN1 tuning indicator)
  • AC Mains
  • Original cost unknown
Tuning Scale [10K] Presentation Label [13K]
A really nice upmarket model from Philips. It looks supurb with its deep coloured wooden front.

The set is equipped with push-button tuning which was a popular feature of sets of the late 30's.

A most interesting addition to the set is the engraved label pinned to the front of the set. I bet Mr. Miller must have been well chuffed with the set - provided he never had to try and do any work on the typically over-complex Philips audio stage :-
Audio circuit - Philips at their "best" ;o{ [10K]
SERVICE DATA The set is covered by the Trader service sheet #397 which is for the Mullard MAS24.
CURRENT STATE In very nice condition. Slightly faded patch on the top (if you get the light right) but otherwise excellent finish and with a super-clean chassis. There are signs of some restoration i that some of the wiring has been replaced, which is no big suprise as the wiring used in a lot of 30's Philips sets seem prone to crumbling inslation.
WHERE FOUND BVWS March 2003 auction in Harpenden for £90.

Rear View [19K]

Super-clean rust-free chassis.

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