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Front View [30K]

  • Released 1938
  • LW, MW and SW wavebands
  • 5 valves (X65, 6U7G, 6Q7G, 6F6G
    plus 5Z4G rectifier)
  • A.C.-only Mains
  • £10 10s 0d
NOTES Control Knob [5K] A lovely pre-war "woodie".

The control dials include a ships steering wheel design, the sailing theme seeming to be a major feature of the set's documentation. Can anyone tell me the connection ?
Click on item to see more Click for view of envelope [30K] Repair Bill [37K] Calculator Chart [61K] Postcard [30K] Help with controls [20K] Guarentee [62K] Instructions [88K] This set came with all of the original documentation all contained in an envelope, the most spectacular item being the colourful standard time conversion chart. The set was bought by Mr W. Armstrong from the dealers W.A.Holdcroft Ltd in Burslem on the 30th September 1938. The documentation includes a receipt for a repair after the main electrolytic expired in July the following year and was replaced under gaurentee. Since there are no markings for the various control knobs, a temporary overlay was also supplied to be placed over the controls.

Click for larger view [64K] Thanks to Bill Moore for supplying a copy of a period advertisment for the set.
SERVICE DATA I have an electronic copy of the "Trader" service sheet 360 (dated October 1938).
CURRENT STATE The few scratches on the sides / top do not detract from a rather nice looking set. My crappy digital camera doesn't do the set justice.
WHERE FOUND July 2001 auction at Sambrook for £40. Surely a bargain ???

Rear View [26K]

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