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Front View [38K]

  • Released February 1939
  • L.W., M.W. and S.W. Superhet
  • 6 valves (X65, 6U7G, 6Q7G, 6F6G,
    5Z4 rectifier and 6U5 magic eye).
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost unknown.
NOTES BassMellowTrebleSpeechLongMediumShortOffMagic eye tuning indicatorSomeone at Pilot obviously had a job lot of push button switches and decided to try and use them all up on this upmarket model. From left to right, the first four buttons providing various tone settings (bass, mellow, treble and speech) and the second block of four provideing wavband selection (long, medium, short) plus 'off'.

There are no less than five pilot lamps too. Two provide a general scale illumination with one of the three remaining lamps providing additional illumination of the selected waveband.
Output circuit showing tone switches [8K]
Tone switches ; 'Treble' is
with all switches open.
Combine all that with a tuning indicator and you'd probably expect to find similarly upmarket circuitry lurking inside the cabinet. However the radio is still a basic four-valve-plus-rectifier design. The tone switching provides a little extra complication but nothing like that of a Philips positive-feedback output stage.
SERVICE DATA A copy of Trader service sheet 400 was obtained via the BVWS.
CURRENT STATE For once, the camera actually makes the cabinet look better than it really is. Whilst basically sound it really does need refinishing. After a bit of digging around, it also seems that the black paint at the top of the set is probably incorrect although it is just as scratched as the rest of the cabinet and does nicely balance the painted feet.

There is light surface rust on the chassis although it is all there. The original mains-energised speaker has also been replaced with a permanent magnet type.
WHERE FOUND A left-over from Richard's recent NVCF bash. £75.

Chassis View [32K]

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