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Front view [32K]

  • Released circa 1960
  • 13 channel bands 1/3 plus Band 2 FM radio
  • 17" Mullard AW43-89 C.R.T. with ? E.H.T.
  • 17 valves.
  • Twin loudspeakers.
  • Optional remote control.
  • A.C. / D.C. mains
  • Original Cost Unknown
NOTES A really smashing stylish set that I just couldn't get to photo right.

The cabinet really does make maximum use of the then recently introduced 110-degree CRT's, making the cabinet depth short enough to embaress modern tat thats 45 years its junior.

The set has socket for an optional remote control, again putting modern tat to shame in that this one attaches to the set via a cable so that there is no way to loose the freakin' remote :-) There's no channel change on the remote too, saving you all that time you'd otherwise waste trying to find something worth watching which, by now, you ought to realise doesn't exist.

The remote provides mains on/off switches that simply operate in parallel with those of the standard set. However the volume control is a little more clever, as far as I can make out you would set the set's main volume control for high output and the remote control then reduces the volume by applying increasing amounts of negative feedback. The only other control on the remote is a brightness control which I guess, from the circuit, required that the standard brightness control was set to maximum and the control on the remote simply loaded the brightness control circuit.

There is no contrast control on the remote, however the set has a built-in light-dependant resistor used to adjust the contrast according to ambient lighting conditions. Id' be interested to know if this really did work or was just a short-lived gimmick.
SERVICE DATA Luckily I already had an original manual tucked away. There is also a service update which mentions the set and is dated April 1961 which helps confirm the set's year of manufacture.
CURRENT STATE Externally in very good condition. internally it is caked in dust but looks pretty original with no obvious signs of electrical disasters. Wonder if I'll ever find an original remote control.
WHERE FOUND June 2004 BVWS auction at Harpendon for £50.
sc35_etc.pdf [1.1MB] Service manual for the T279, plus similar chassis for othe Sobell and McMichael sets.

Controls at top of cabinet [18K]
Chassis view [39K]Socket for optional remote controlTunerAerial socketIF and audio panelPSU and timebase panel.Line output stage inside metal shield

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