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Front view [30K]
  • Guess : Released around 1960 ?
  • No. of valves : No idea !
  • 17" Mazda CME1705 C.R.T.
  • AC / DC Mains
  • Original Cost Unknown
NOTES I quite like the cabinet design. Yes, it falls into the category of all-you-can-see-is-the-screen, but I think that having the controls hidden under a flap helps keep down any signs of clutter. Also under the flap is the speaker and the flap opens to an angle that would make it reflect sound into the room quite well.

Design-wise, there are good and bad points. Good is the fact that you can remove the chassis by undoing two screws and disconnecting the C.R.T.'s E.H.T connection. Not so good must be that the scan coils etc are not mounted on the C.R.T., they seem attached to the chassis via rubber mountings which surely can't have been good for longer term stability ? Maybe if they spent less on the seriouly over-complicated rear panel Murphy could have afforded to use a plug and socket for the scan coil connections !?
CURRENT STATE It's all there, the only real minus being the distorted screen surround (it looks like the bottom of it has entered in to a goo state). The rear cardboard cover also seemed to have glued itself to the cabinet and I spent two+ hours armed with various craft knifes trying to detatch it without damage. It was successful to, no damage to the back, but perhaps 30 seconds working out that the back AND sides can be removed by simply undoing two screws would have been time better spent. Plonker !
WHERE FOUND A freebie donation to the cause (thanks Mike !)
No longer in teh collection.

View of controls that hide under the top flap [30K]

Hastilly cobbled together view of the chassis.
Only the LOP vlves are visible, the others being on the
other side of the chassis.

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