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Front view [39K]
  • 1960/1961
  • 23" Sylvania C.R.T.
  • 4-channel, adjustable (2xBand-I, 2xBand-III)
  • 14 mainly Marconi valves.
  • A.C./D.C. mains
  • Original cost not known.
NOTES This set was produced when H.M.V. were a brand name of Thorn, who also used the Ferguson brand upon which this model is based. Whilst the Ferguson and other HMV models used either 17- or 21-inch C.R.T.'s this top of the range model used an enourmous 23-inch C.R.T.

Close-up of front controls [17K] Tool used for fine tuning [6K]

The set uses push-button tuning, with two channels for "BBC" and two for "ITV". Coils were pre-fitted for London an Birmingham frequencies, but coils were included for all the other channels in a tray under the tuner ! When fitting these alternative coils the set would almost certainly require fine tuning, and a tool specifically for the job was supplied, retained in a hole in the back cover. This must have been a costly way of implementing a tuner!
SERVICE DATA Have the original manufacturers service manual.
Apparently the Ferguson 606T range (Trader sheet 1494) which were released during 190.
CURRENT STATE Picture of set taken from service manual [5K]Appart from some recent scratches and the broken tambour doors it's in pretty good nick. There should also be some short stubby legs but given the size of this set I can't help feel they'd make the whole thing a little unstable.

I wonder how much use it got ; it is a fairly late 405-only set obviously bought by someone who would have been wealthy enough to have bought a dual standard set a few years later. The frame / line-output valves look only lightly used.

Even includes a Mullard box anode semi-eliptic gettered ECC82, giving a superior line and frame oscillator prescence and a broad raster with the eqscuisit flyback ... ;-)
WHERE FOUND In the midst of smashing up the bathroom, I went down the local tip and as I was driving out there it was ! Couldn't have been there long since we'd had a lot of rain recently and the set doesn't look to have suffered from any damp. The chap at the tip was only too pleased to let me take it away, but I interpreted the thoughtfully chosen four letter words he uttered in response to "don't suppose you could give us a hand getting it in the back 'o me Punto" as probably meaning "No".

But no longer in the collection.
Hunts capacitors - expect trouble [8K] Nice RF panel, shame about the Hunts :-( [22K]
The main RF PCB assembley. Oh goody,
lots of black hunts capacitors :-(

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