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Front view [28K]Band 1 / 3 switchBand 3 tuning control
  • Probably around 1955
  • 2 valves (usual combination of PCC84 plus PCF80)
  • AC Mains Only
  • Original Cost unknown
NOTES Close-up of permeability tuning mechanics [18K]Unusually for a band-III convertor, this one has continuous tuning instead of the more usual mechanical 12 or 13 channel selector switch plus associated fine tuner (needed to compensate for lack of switching repeatability and / or drift).

The main tuning control operates a cam ('1') which raises or lowers a spring ('2') loaded plate. The cores of several inductors (e.g. '3') are then mechanically connected to this plate.

Band-1 tuning instruction lable. Well, thats clear isn't it [6K]Strange Band-1 Tuning Arrangement [10K]
Although there is continuous tuning across band III, when switched to band 1 only one fixed frequency is supported. I suspect the unit could be adjusted to any one of the five bane 1 channels but how this works I don't know. There are two very peculiar assembles each with two sets of 5 adjustment screws (refer right-hand image); this, combined with the illustrated "Band 1 Selector" label (above-right) suggests it is some kind of tuning arrangement, but what ?

Easy-access chassis mounting screw. Not ! [4K]The standard of assembly is about what I've come to expect from Ferranti having looked at one of their tellies (the T1425). It kind of says "get stuffed you scummy service engineer, we don't like you" as, like the T1425, the chassis mounting screws are near impossioble to access. The picture opposite shows one of the easier ones to access (it's right at the front of the set you can see ~50% of it!)) ; I'd have photo's the others but there is no clear line of site to 'em !
CURRENT STATE Seen better days. The cabinet is badly cracked and the tuning scale isn't working. I guess this is a space filler for when a decent one turns up ; you can gaurentee when a decent one turns up it'll be minus a control or have a cracked screen or some other minor fault which requires a donor unit and I'd then kick myself for not grabbing this one whilst I had the chance.
WHERE FOUND 1.50 from a stall at the June 2004 BVWS Harpendon meet. The dealer must have thought I was a right tight skinflint for negotiating a price reduction on something so cheap.

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