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Front View [37K]

  • Released second half of 1951
  • 12-inch Mullard MW31-16 C.R.T.
  • 15 Mullard Valves
  • 5 channel superhet
  • Original cost £75-12s. (incl. tax)
NOTES Vidor are probably better known for the battery portable radios and the batteries that powered them, however they also produced televisions though, it seems, not in any great volume.
SERVICE DATA Indeedie. Download it from the Vidor page.
CURRENT STATE Nice original condition though the screen surround is beginning to crack, something that so often occurs to sets of this age.
WHERE FOUND Bought privately for £10.

Rear View [67K]
Is that it !? It's all so sparse in there I had to check it against
the service manual to check that it was all there - which it is.

Well used power resistors [27K] R.F. Chassis [15K]
The resistor on the left is presumably a period repair
for an open circuit on the original dropper though
probably didn't see much use - it rests against the
rear panel that would have fried given a bit of time.
So much for energy efficiency!
The R.F. chassis, showing the three cores used to tune
to any one of the five B.B.C regions - all's you need are
a current meter, a watt meter, a sig-gen, a dummy load
and an insulated trimming tool. Oh, and patience.


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