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Front View
  • Released circa 1951
  • 10-inch Cossor 108K C.R.T.
  • Single channel superhet.
  • 15 Valves
  • AC Mains Only
  • Original Cost : £48-6s-0d + tax
Etronic only produced televisions for four years and this model was released a year before the company's demise. The chassis has a similar appearance to their previous HV203 but is, at long last, a superhet instead of the previous T.R.F. design, making it easier to support further channels such as Holme Moss to which this ECV1523 is tuned.

Just like the HV203 and typical of many sets of the period, a little door just below the screen hides additional "occasional" controls, in this instance the line, frame hold, contrast and vision interference limiter.

Less than 4 years later, I.T.V. started in London and gradually expanded to the provinces. Whilst many manufacturers provided converters for I.T.V. suitable for use with their earlier sets, Etronic had long since folded and so this set was adapted to use an Amplion television converter.

SERVICE DATA A test report (including schematic) can be downloaded from the Etronics manufacturer's page.
CURRENT STATE Fairly tidy, though the somewhat bodged C.R.T. arrngements do suggest that the C.R.T. has little emission, or else has a heater-cathode short.
WHERE FOUND On The Air for £75
Receipt, September 1951

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