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  • 1960's ?
  • 5-inch C.R.T.
  • 9 valves (three ECC82's, ECF80, 12BH7,
    6C4, 6J6, EC92 plus GZ34)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost unknown.
NOTES If this were an American 'scope then judging by the size of this instrument it would have at least 50 valves in it. But, being British, there are only 9. However this scope is suprisingly light - the usual iron girder construction of British scopes has been done away with leaving the most flimsy construction I have ever seen ! Even what would normally be a 0.1-0.2inch thick graticule is actually a thin flimsy plastic film.

The CRT, mounted at the back only, freely wobbles and bangs against the front CRT surround; initially I wondered why there wasn't any padding arount this part, but the stress that would place on the CRT as the chassis twisted (it easilly twists by an ½inch or more at the top!) would put undesirable stress on the CRT.

A design first too - the only scope I've seen with no mu-metal screen (if it's just plain missing then I fail to see where on earth it was supposed to be mounted).

Almost all of the components - not that there are many - are mounted on two PCB's.

But there is I guess a reason for all this ; this 'scope is actually a kit produced by Daystrom Limited of Gloucester. I guess they wern't too proud of it since their name, printed on the front panel, is in letters barely 2mm tall !
CURRENT STATE Hmm ... lets just say "as good as new" ;-), as several of the wires that are dangling in free space just 'aint long enough to reach anything !

One of the two 0.1uF 2000V wax caps has also detatched itself (presumably it remained connected just long enough to spew wax over the bottom of the case.
WHERE FOUND Auction at the december 2003 Wotton Bassett bash for £2.

Just as well it was cheap ; if it had been extremely expensive then an audiofool would have bought it and raided the three ECC82's and GZ34.

The emptiest oscilloscope ever ! Note the dangling EHT cap under
the chassis (top right corner of right image).

The two main PCB's, one (left) under the front of the CRT and the
other (right) mounted vertically by the rear connector of the CRT.

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