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"Serviscope Minor"

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Front view [28K]

  • Mid 60's - Mid 70's
  • 6 valves (two EF184's, ECC81,
    EB91, 6BW7 plus EZ80 rectifier).
  • Single Trace
  • 2¾-inch green C.R.T. (DG7-31)
  • 30KHz (!) bandwidth
  • 115V A.C.
NOTES This 'scope is specifically intended for use in educational establishments and as such controls have been kept simple. It's design is deliberately slow speed, but does include a direct coupled 'Y'-amp. The amplifier senitivity and time base settings are deliberately uncalibrated, the intention being for students to be able to calibrate it against reference sources.The design includes trigger circuitry but this is not adjustable, being based on a fixed AC-coupled schmitt trigger.

This particular model is fitted with a 115V mains transformer, although a 230V version was also available (the 115V tap is NOT present on the 230V version). Many labs use equipment at 115V, presumably as this makes the equipment of little use to any would-be thief.

The model was manufactured for at least a decade, the manual having a date of 1965 yet this particular 'scope contains almost certainly original electolytics carrying a date of April 1976 ! From initial inspection, it seems the design did not change at all over the years.
SERVICE DATA Yep. You can download a copy from the service data section.
CURRENT STATE Remarkably well preserved inside and out. The only visual fault is one of the mains connections to the mains transformer is detached ... on purpose perhaps ?
WHERE FOUND 2004 Drayton Manor radio rally (and computer fair) for a fiver.
Chassis View [19K] Chassis View [22K]

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