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GEC Miniscope

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  • 1947
  • 1½-inch CRT
  • 3 valves (two Osram Z77's + Mullard EB91 fitted)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Size 2½"(w) x 6¾"(h) x 9¼"(d)
  • Weight 7½ lbs.
  • Original cost unknown.
Mention old test equipment and the name GEC immediately DOESN'T spring to mind !

This tiny little scope is absolutely packed with components yet the similar vintage Cossor 1039, aimed at the same basic servicing market as the miniscope, is not that much bigger yet offers three times the screen size.

Despite the tall but thin design, the main weight is in the mains transformer mounted low and to the rear of the chassis so despite first impressions the scope does seem quite resistant to toppling over. The psu may be more bulky than it needs to be, as it seems amongst a number of options for the scope was a second CRT unit to make the scope dual trace and which was powered from the base unit.
It seems there was also a similar looking G.E.C. design produced during World War II, though using a very different chassis. You can find out more at OscilloscopeMuseum.Com Click on image to find out more
SERVICE DATA You can download the service manual from the service data section.
CURRENT STATE Complete with original leads and carry case.
WHERE FOUND May 2004 N.V.C.F. for £40.
Chassis view [19K]   Chassis View [21K]
Just as well it doesn't use any miniature germanium
diodes since there'd be no space to put 'em !

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