This page is a selection of controls and tuning scales salvaged from scrap sets. They are available free, for swap, or just a contribution towards postage. You can try and convince me to part with them via the guest book page.


Illustration of dimensioning [1K]
In the following list, dimensions are given in the order A +B +C.
Ferguson model 259 [5K] Originally from a Ferguson 259 using grub screws.
[Top left] 2.2+0.3+1.4 inches / 55+8+36 millimeters.
[Top right] 2.2+0.3+1.0 inches / 55+8+25 millimeters.
[Lower] 1.3+0.6+1.5 inches / 33+15+38 millimeters
HMV Model 1376 Originally from a H.M.V. model 1376 but I've seen the same controls on a number of H.M.V. sets.
Set of 4 (one slight damage), slide-on type
1.3+0.8+0.5 inches / 33+20+13 millimeters.
Defiant MSH546 [3K] One large plus one small control from a Defiant MHS546 retained by grub screws. Controls mount completely ouside of case..
[Smaller] 1.0+0.65+0 inches / 25+17+0 millimeters.
[Larger] 1.9+0.65+0 inches / 48+17+0 millimeters.
Regentone table top radiogram [4K] Set of four push-on controls taken from a table-top Regentone radiogram. Dirty but undamaged.
1.3+0.5+1.1 inches / 33+13+28 millimeters.
Unknown [3K] Two controls from unknown set, using grub screws. Although not obvious in the picture, the sides are at an angle.
1.5+0.7+0 inches / 38+18+0 millimeters.
Unknown [2K] Unknown set, brown bakelite with black veins, using grub screws. Sligh damage not visible from front.
1.7+0.7+0 inches / 43+18+0 millimeters.
Unknown [2K] Unknown set, brown bakelite with black veins and using grub srews.
1.3+0.6+0 inches / 33+15+0 millimeters.


Real Glass scales

Fergusson 259 tuning scale [2K] Ferguson model 259.
12.0 by 3.1 inches
305 by 79 millimeters.
Regentone tuning scale [9K] Regentone table top radiogram.
14.4 by 4.65 inches.
366 by 118 millimeters.
Unknown scale [11K] Unknown 50's set. The text in the lower left hand corner reads "MONEY HICKS LTD 3397"
9.0 by 4.8 inches.
229 by 122 millimeters.

Scans for Making Reproductions

Philips 462A tuning scale [3K] Philips 462A [Link to picture]

Click here to download the full scan and glass dimensions [126K].
Ultra T671 tuning scale [10K] Ultra T671 [link to picture]

This is a large file, so contact meif you need a copy.

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