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R.A.P. 846

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  • Released around March 1946
  • L.W., M.W. plus three S.W. wavebands,
    including TV sound.
  • 7 valves
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost unknown
Front view [40K]
NOTES Rear view of cabinet [9K]A very nice looking radio with no suggestion that when it was released in 1946 wood was in great shortage (priority for wood being for post war reconstruction).

Not sure which way round you were supposed to place this set, as the rear is a work of art, with a clear glass window allowing full view of proper big glowing bottles on top of a highly polished chrome chassis.

Other unusual features include a slow motion tuning dial and switchable I.F. selectivity, clearly marking this as an upmarket set. Very unusually, the volume control is a switch selecting one of a number of levels - one way of avoiding a scratchy volume control !

R.A.P. started buisness at the start of 1946 and were based in Jersey. They initially released two models, this one plus a table model based on the same chassis design, clearly aimed at the luxury end of the market. The overall chassis is actually 3 seperate units bolted together, with varients of some chassis available for choosing by the customer, for example choosing a single-ended or push-pull audio output.

Each chassis unit, plus the cabinet, were manufactured in England and then shipped over to Jersey for assembly. It has been suggested that this might have helped avoid the British purchase tax (which was very high after the war). However these sets were used for rental purposes and I don't know how such purchase tax would have been applied. Alternatively this may instead have been due to not having appropriate manufacturing industries available on Jersey, as not only is Jersey a comparatively small island it was also occupied by Germany during the war which would have certainly meant there were no radio-related manufacturing industries immediately after the war.
CURRENT STATE The odd scratch but otherwise quite nice. Not yet checked it out as I haven't sussed how to get the control knobs off :-(
WHERE FOUND BVWS special auction, January 2007 for £65.
ADDITIONAL There is an artical about R.A.P. in the winter 2004 edition of the B.V.W.S. bulletin.

Close-up of shiney chrome-plated chassis [40K]
I can assure you that TO3-looking item (bottom center) is most
definately not a 2N3055.
View of tuning scale [45K]
You can just make out the "Tele Sound" just left of the big tuning knob.
But can you spot the rather big errors in the tuning scale ? (Answers
please on the back of a crisp new 10-pound note).

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