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Front View [21K]

  • Released July 1946
  • LW and MWwavebands
  • 5 Valves (CCH35, EF39, EBC33, CL33 and CY31)
  • Built in frame aerial
  • A.C./D.C. Mains
  • Original cost 11 11s.
NOTES Although visually very similar to the later Bush DAC90A, the chassis is completely different. Whereas the DAC90 still used the large style valves ("proper" valves), the later DAC90A used miniature valves. Production of the DAC90 continued into 1950 and judging by how common they seem to be today they must have been produced in huge numbers.

2nd Set [5K]Would you believe it, two sets turned up at once ! One is in walnut bakelite whilst the other is in black bakelite. Now I just need the cream bakelite version to have the complete set :-) The two sets each have a different dial

Undeside View [5K]The large valves are a tight squeeze and the heat dissipation must surely be a problem. I thought that the extra holes drilled in the case were for additional ventilation but in reality they are to give access to the various tuning alignment adjustments. The set uses an internal frame aerial that you have to disconnect to remove the chassis, so alignment can only be done with the chassis in-place.

These holes dissapear on the visually similar DAC90A in which the frame aerial is bolted to the chassis so can be removed with the chassis.
SERVICE DATA A copy of the "Trader" service sheet 950 was on CD#1.
CURRENT STATE Both in excellent visual condition inside and out. The only flaw is that the paint on one of the dial glass's is flaking. Understandable I guess what with the level of heat that it must have got subjected to.
WHERE FOUND In a second hand shop, one for 50 and one for 30.

Chassis View [21K] CCH35 Valve EF39 Valve EBC33 Valve CL33 Valve CY31 Valve Mains Dropper Resistor Tuning Coil / Aerial

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