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Front view [39K]

  • Possibly released at the very end of the 40's ?
  • LW, MW and SW wavebands plus two
    additional preset stations.
  • 5 Valves (6K8G, 6K7G, 6Q7G, 6V6G
    plus R52 HT rectifier).
  • A.C. Mains
  • Mains energised speaker.
  • Original cost ?
NOTES A typical piece of work from Ferranti. Solidly built and over engineered but a bit of a *@!£ when it comes to getting access to anything. I had a Ferranti TV once - took ten mins to get the two chassis retaining screws back in. At the same time that I got this model 194 I got a Bakelite model 005 ; it held the record at over 30 minutes to get just four chassis mount screws back in !

Aerial and oscillator adjust for preset 2 [8K]An unusual feature of this set is that in addition to the three wavebands there are a further two preset stations (both on M.W.). Each preset has tow adjusters at the rear of teh set, one to tune the aerial socket and the other the oscillator circuit. There is even an approximate scale mounted on a bracket dedicated to the job. A nice bit of Ferranti over-engineering.
SERVICE DATA The circuit is in one of the Radio and Television Servicing books.
CURRENT STATE I'd long since decided that I couldn't be bothered with large 40's woodies. But the cabinet on this one is in such good original condition I decided to keep it and instead pass on a bakelite version which had a similar looking chassis.
WHERE FOUND A donation to the cause.

Rear view [39K]
I do hope that mains transformer is big enough 8-o !

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