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Front view [43K]

  • Released first half of 1960s.
  • LW plus MW superhet, with
    additional MW bandspread.
  • 7 new-fangled transistor thingies.
  • Battery only (9V)
  • Original cost unknown
NOTES Apparently these were popular sets in the 60's and, I'm led to believe, performs well.

A third waveband button is provided ; according to various literature (inluding Bush's own service manual) the button is fixed for Radio Luxembourg. But it seems most examples (including this one) have the third button selecting a bandspread covering Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg (oh, and the BBC's Third and West stations but somehow I can't imagine the swinging "chicks" grooving to those stations!).

You can buy a modern "Bush" replica from most electrical outlets, thoughI don't know how it compares.
SERVICE DATA I got a copy of the pucka Bush manual from Paul Stenning's website (thanks Paul) ; the set is also covered by the Trader service sheet #1760 but that lacks the all important PCB track layout.

The service data shows the driver/output transitors as OC81D/OC81 but in this set they are AC128s, which look original. The PCB tracks are also very different so pesumably the circuitry around them is somewhat different too ? Once that's sorted I can then find out how many of the AF117's are also duff. Remind me, transistors are more reliable than valves, yes !??
CURRENT STATE Practically mint condition, even the carry handle is perfect. Even the wimpy little clips that hold the case together are intact; they are pretty inadequate and will certainly snap if the radio is dropped, poor design on Bush's part considering this is supposed to be a portable radio !

Don't work though :-( Probably something to do with the 20mA in the driver transistor (which I'd guess at 3-5mA normally).
WHERE FOUND May 2005 Drayton manor amateur radio rally for a tenner..

Close-up of tuning scale [20K]
Bandspread showing the Luxembourg and Caroline stations.

Component side 34K
Without the aid of 3D computer graphics you have to admire
how they managed to package everything in there. Doesn't
make help so much when you have to fix it though.

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