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Best place for it if you ask me [34K]Mmmm, Scrummy !Peronally, I pity the poor bin !So-So curry house. The "Standard" in Bearwood is far superiourWhoops ! I should be on a diet, I've been caught out !

  • Who Cares When
  • Equally crud on both MW and LW
  • No Valves
  • Probably 9V battery ... least thats
    what I shoved up it !
  • Probably overpriced cheap tat
NOTES Cheap Hong Kong tat. It was being thrown in the bin at work a few years back,. I felt sorry for the bin so I rescued it... well, you never know some bits might be useful to someone.

Original warped fron [9K]The radio (I think it just about qualifies as one) was probably left above a radiator, and being cheap tat had warped.

Then at the BVWS meet at Wotton Bassett I stumbled across a spare case. Well, I had a few copper coins weighing down my pocket that I wanted to get rid of, so an exchange was made for the case. Look, I was just thinking of the weight of the coins damaging my pocket, OK ?

Jeez, if this is the Popsy '2' what the hell was the original version like ?
SERVICE DATA Why bother.
CURRENT STATE Well, having come this far, I thought at least I'd bung a battery in and see what happened. Silence. Broken wire in the battery clip, but w*rk provided a replacement. Switch on again. Squeel !! Wail ! Silence. Wail ! Two broken tracks to the volume pot (cheap tat, the mechanical mounting for the pot was the solder connecting it to the tracks). Still whistles a bit.

"modified" cap .. as it left the factory ?Another crunched capWell, still another 10 minutes of lunchtime left so I tried bypassing the "subtly modified" caps (again, curtosy of w*rk, hell I've already invested too much in the project). Either no change or completely killed. Thank god, lunchtime over.
WHERE FOUND In a bin. Should have left it there.

I totally deny the allegations that I in any way felt sorry for the set or even kind of like it ;)

What the hell to do with it though. Throwing it in the bin would probably cause a refuse collectors strike. And whilst there are some REAL mugs on Ebay I doubt even one of them would be foolish enough to want this piece of cheap Hong Kong tat. And then it happened ! I found someone at the NVCF whose taste centers had clearly been seriously compromised by having smoked too much solder fumes in their time ; not owning a Ferranti 146, a Tesla 308U or even a tasty 30's woody, yet alone a vintage telly was a clear indication of everything not being quite right "upstairs". Who knows, without their daily fix of solder fumes they could turn violent at any moment so best try and distract them by handing them the Perdio, hopefully buying enough time to find a big 30's Pilot to hide behind whilst waiting for the men in white coats turn up.

I wonder who they were ?

PCB View. Boring (yawn) [22K]Audio Driver ScumScumOsc / Mixer ScumIF Amp ScumIF Amp ScumTuning ApproximatorHow small ? Nah, size _does_ matter !Listen to whistling static on a choice of wavebands

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