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NOTES Pye released ths money box sometime in 1955 as an advertising novelty. The unique styling makes it easy to identify the real life television on which this money box was based - the model V4 , released during February 1953, or the later I.T.V.-capable VT4 released in April 1954. Although the VT4 wasn't the first ITV-capable TV, it was amongst the first so I wonder if this money box was released to coincide with the real VT4 ?

According to a report in Wireless & Electrical Trader in December 1957, 150,000 of these money boxes were produced - three times as many as Pye expected to sell. I find it difficult to beleive quite so many were made, but it must have been popular as a couple of years later Pye introduced a second money box design.
CURRENT STATE Sound ... but that striped front is a real bugger to clean.
WHERE FOUND Fleabay for £12.50 (incl. postage).

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