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PYE 'CS17' Money Box

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Picture of money box [28K]
NOTES This is the second Pye TV money box and was release around November/December 1957. It was only available from Pye dealers and cost 3s 6d.

Although I'm not 100% certain, I think this is supposed to be a Pye model CW17 which was released towards the end of 1956. Pye were amongst the first TV manufacturers to promote the use of printed circuit assemblies, with the CW17 not only being amongst their first such sets but it also won a design award.

The first Pye money box was of their model VT4 and was released two years earlier.
Advert highlighting design award and printed circuit reliability.
Pye model CS17 / CW17
(with optional legs).
Advertisment from June 1957.
Link to larger view [99K]
CURRENT STATE Very slight discoloration on the screen, but otherwise good condition and unusal to find it with it's original box.
WHERE FOUND Fleabay for £16.50

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