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Miniature Bush DAC90

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NOTES Although a piece of modern tat, it is a reasonable reproduction of the original Bush DAC90 / DAC90A. The waveband switch (AM, FM) is at the back instead of the side of the cabinet, but then again if they tried to make a switch small enough to represent the original radio then I bet it'd be darn flimsey !

Of course you wouldn't expect brilliant sound quality for such a tiny little speaker driven by semiconductors, but to be fair it is listen-to-able and FM is selective enough to isolate stations on the very crowded VHF band - or is it just so deaf that it can't pick up anything but the most powerful stations :-)
CURRENT STATE As new ... since it is !
WHERE FOUND The second NVCF of 2004 for a tenner. There were a number of other copies of old radios available but I wouldn't be at all suprised if they only sold this model ... in some quantity !

PCB view [34K]
What a mess - but it does work reasonably well.

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