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Front cover of book [50K]
  • First published 1967
  • Book number 654 in the Ladybird range
  • Original cost 30p (hence this is
    a post-1971 reprint)


NOTES Gated black level A.G.C., de-saturated line output transformers with third harmonic tuning, flywheel synch, all heavy stuff for the budding T.V. engineer, so heres a nice little book to get them started.

First published in 1967, the book makes reference to BBC1 and ITV being transmitted on 405 lines and the new fangled colour on BBC2 in 625 lines - a fact not updated in this example which is a reprint from at least four years later.

Many of the illustrations are very much of their time, such as the popular (though now considered politically incorrect) Black and White Minstrel Show through to the iconic Doctor Who (can you spot the deliberate mistake in the illustration ?)
WHERE FOUND Bought off Fleabuy for a little over a quid.

Map of BBC TV Cenre [85K]
Inside both front and rear covers - a map of the BBV T.V. Center, part of which was still under construction

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