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OK, try and ignore the crap title. This two-part artical from Mullard contains some interesting details on the prodction of CRT's and valves at the start of the 1960's.
Power Grid Valves
A fascinating paper presented by Jack McCullough (of Eimac) in 1965. The history of these valves plus a look forward to the future (from 1965's perspecitive).
Materials and Shapes of Vacuum Tube Heaters An article all about the materials and construction of valve heaters originally published in the magazine Electronic Industries in December 1961
Getter Materials An article on the selection of materials for use as getters, originally published in "Electronics" magazine in October 1950.
Microphonics Extracts from some research undertaken by Mullard in 1962 into the effect of valve construction upon sensitivity to microphonics.
Valves at U.H.F. An artical written in 1954 on recent developments of UHF valves and describing the Magnetron and Klystron.
Guided Grid Valves A valve development from around 1960 aimed at high frequency operation in TV tuners.
The Nuvistor The nuvistor was a miniature high-frequency valve introduced fairly late in the life of valve technology.
The Manufacture of
Junction Transistors
A Mullard artical on the manufacture of junction transistors such as the OC44/45 and OC71 etc you find in many early transistor sets. Its amazing just how labour-intensive the process was. OK, so its not valves but it is valve era.
Secondary Emission and the
Mullard EE50 Valve
A description of the EE50 secondary emission valve released circa 1939.



Mullard Technical Communications

Nov. 1962 ValveMicrophony_pt1.pdf [1.6MB] "Valve Microphony - Part 1"
ValveMicrophony_pt2.pdf [420KB] "Valve Microphony - Part 2"
Aug. 1963 electro.pdf [830K] "Electrometer Valves". Covers the application of the ME1401, ME1402, ME1403 and ME1404.
Mar. 1965 z504s_stepping_tube.pdf (697KB) "Operating Principles of the Z504S Stepping Tube"
Sept. 1967 ImConvTubes.pdf [1.0MB] "Diode Image Converter Tubes and their Application"
Jan. 1971 plump1.pdf [1.5MB] "30mm Plumbicon camera tubes with fibre-optic faceplate, anti-comet-tail gun, and lightpipe"
plumb2.pdf [790KB] "One-inch Diameter Plumbicon camera tube type 19XQ"
Jan. 1975 20ax.pdf [860KB] "20AX 110° Colour Television: A Brief Outline"

Mullard Outlook

Jan-Mar 1950 CRTPrinciples.pdf [300K] "Principles of the Cathode Ray Tube". An introduction to the principles of operation behind the CRT.

Individual copies of this publication can be found in the Mullard Outlook section.


The following PDF's used to be hosted on John Atwood's One Electron website but are now hosted here, with permission.

acorn.pdf 1.65Mb "Recent Developments in Minature Tubes", a mid/late 1930's paper on the "Acorn" style miniature valves.
cathode.pdf 1.52Mb "What Cathode is Best for the Job", from Electronic Industries magazine for April 1959
miniature.pdf 830Kb "Development and Production of the New Miniature Battery Tubes" originally printed by RCA in April 1940.
trustworthy.pdf 2.8Mb "Developments in Trustworthy-Valve Techniques" from Electrical Communication magazine for September 1954.

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