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Front view [10K]  Chassis view [22K]
  • Released March 1952
  • 12" 'flat faced' Screen
  • 13 Valves + "SenTerCel" metal rectifier
  • AC Mains Only
  • Original Cost : 47 2s 6d
NOTES A table top set with a wooden fold-down flap at the front concealing the various picture controls. Although it doesn't show in the photo, the screen plus surround has a heavy green tint.

This particular set is fitted with an add-on "Cyldon" tuner (see picture below). At first I simply thought a few valves were missing, but on closer examination I think this was done when the tuner was fitted. Indeed, some of the connections to the tuner are made using a plug that fits into the original 7-pin valve bases.

Not the most service-friendly set. A lot of components are hidden so that even a simple valve replacement necessitates the removal of the entire chassis. The chassis screws are buried well inside the set ; it took me 10 minutes and a good 2 quid in the swear box getting the screws back in ! What a contrast to the service friendly Bush sets (such as the TV22, TUG34 and TV53) of the period with their twin lift out chassis.

Question : How on earth did that fly manage to get behind the front glass ???
SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the "Trader" service sheet 1103/T41 on the Vintage Television Service Data CDROM.
CURRENT STATE Woodwork damaged by rain but saveable. However, the insides do look as though they may have suffered a bit too much, so maybe this will be a scrap set :-( If you need any of the parts from this set then .
WHERE FOUND 5 from a junk shop which has an infuriating habit of bunging old tellies out in the rain. I bought it at the same time as the large console set Bush TUG34 ; why was the console set so much lighter than this set???
Close up of RF stage [10K]   View of Cyldon tuner [11k]

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