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Front View [15K] MW31-16 CRTAdditional Cyldon Band I/III TunerVolume/On/Off + Briteness Controls
Name [4K]

  • Released April 1951.
  • Band I
  • 12" Screen with 10KV E.H.T (MW31-16).
  • 15 Valves
  • AC/DC mains
  • Original Cost £47 1s 11d

A faitly typical table top set of the early 50's.

About the only unusual thing with the set is to do with differences between the AC and DC mains. A second fuse holder allows the PY82 HT rectifier to be bypassed enabling every last volt of DC mains to be utilised.

The under-chassis components can be accesed by removing a cover from the underside of the set to aid servicing.

As with many sets from the era, an additional "Cyldon" tuner has been fitted to enable reception of Band III signals.

The same chassis was used in a console version (model 983) but with a "luxury" push-pull audio output.

SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the "Trader" service sheet 1027/T21 on the Vintage Television Service Data CDROM.

EHT Closeup [10K] Bottom of tunerTube EHT Connector!!EHT RectifierLine output stageDC FuseMain FuseCobwebHas probably had a hard life. Note the two fuse holders. No fuses, but plenty of aluminium foil ! The DC operation fuse, sorry, foil is fitted so presumably (I hope!) this set was last used on DC mains.

The Band III tuner is scary ... its mounted within a fraction of the EHT rectifier and where the EHT connects to the CRT. Sounds like fun !

The audio output transformer is mounted on the top of the cabinet, so in the past the wires to the chassis have been cut to enable the chassis to be removed. Call me picky but I'd have insulated the wires when they were re-joined !!

There is a good layer of dust and cobwebs but that just means the set hasn't been messed with during its hibernation.

But oh dear, fresh looking wood worm holes on one side of the cabinet :-( So after posing for photo's it was wrapped in polythene and temporarily relegated to the (concrete) garage.

WHERE FOUND From a chap to the north of Leeds for 20 quid. Some people at work hail from the area and with a little grovelling I managed to con, sorry, persuade one of them into picking the set up. And thats how it travelled the 1500 miles from Leeds to Birmingham (it was in the back of a car that toured around the country for a week!).

Interior View [23K] Cyldon Band I/III ConvertorLine Output TransformerHT Dropping ResistorAudio Output Transformer

Identity Plate plus Region Indicator [9K]
Region Indicator
  Under chassis view [10K]
Underside Access

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