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Front view [25K]

  • Released May 1956
    (previewed at the previous year's Radio Show)
  • Bands I and III, plus Band II VHF Radio
  • 9" CRM93 C.R.T. with 9KV E.H.T.
  • 16 Valves
  • A.C. Mains or 12V Battery
  • Original cost £49 3s 4d + £20 2s 8d tax.
NOTES Perspex-covered EHT section [11K]Ekco Enamel Badge [4K]An ambitous little set from Ekco. It must have been a real challange, not only to cram in the 16 valves but to also enable this non-transistor set to be powered from a 12V battery (must have been one hell of a battery!).

Wherever they placed components, they would not be far from the metal case. This is a particular problem in the line output stage to which an elaborate perspex cover had to be fitted.

The choice of the ancient round CRM93 (which wasn't even aluminised) may initially seem a bit odd. However, in 1956 the smallest rectangular CRT was 14", and the narrower deflection angle of the old CRM93 required less scanning power.

Being a small set and the first to be able to run from a 12V supply led to this set being fitted as an option to some upmarket cars such as Daimler and Rolls Royce. This did not go un-noticed by the powers that be who, within two months, raised a proposal to ammend the Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations of 1955 to prohit the use of television receivers in vehicles if the screen were visble, directly or by reflection, by the driver of a vehicle or indeed any other vehicle on the road. The regulations were thuis ammended (order 103A) in early 1957.

Period advert, June '56
Click for larger view [106K]
  Click here for a larger picture of Roco and his Ekco [43K]
I forget who it was that said "all publicity
is good publicity", but I doubt they were thinking
of an appearance with Reco the Clown when they
said it ! - Click here for a larger view[43K]
SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the original Ekco manual on the Vintage Television Service Data CD.
CURRENT STATE But for a shallow dent in the metal case and the missing aerial, the set is otherwise in very nice condition.

Nocotene stain MAX [3K]This picture shows the join in the front material between the exposed bit and that normally covered by the lid. This set must have smoked 40 a day !
WHERE FOUND December 2001 BVWS auction at Wotton Bassett for £40.
RHS Chassis view [12K] LHS Chassis View [15K]

Front display window of Ekco's London Office in 1956 [23K]
On display (center) outside Ekco's London office in 1956

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