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Front View [34K]

  • Released July 1955
  • 12 channel bands I and III
  • 14" CRM141 C.R.T. with 13KV E.H.T.
  • 15 Mazda valves
  • AC/DC Mains
  • Original cost £47 13s 6d + purchase tax
NOTES What is this ? Three years into the era of the rectangular CRT, and with 90-degree CRT's on the horizon, here we find a set with a round C.R.T. !!! And it has been even longer since it was necessary to have an EHT smoothing capacitor.

Other than that, the chassis is fairly standard, seeing duty in a variety of Ekco, Ferranti and Dynatron sets over the next few years.
SERVICE DATA A copy of the Trader servicesheet 1278/T115 is available on the TV Service Data CD.
CURRENT STATE The cabinet is a bit battle weary but all the bits are there.
WHERE FOUND December 2003 BVWS auction at Wotton Bassett for £2.
No longer in the collection.

Chassis view [29K]EHT Smoothing Cap. How quaint !Metrosil EHT rectifierLine output stage.TunerR.F. Chassis
Unbelievable ! A round CRT plus a seperate EHT cap
(black thing mounted on upper CRT frame support).
Surely not for 1956 (not even H.M.V.!)

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