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HMV 1124

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Front View [14K]

  • Circa 1953
  • LW, MW and SW wavebands
  • 5 Marconi valves (X78, W77, DH77, KT61 and U10)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost 31 10s
NOTES This is quite an unusual set.

The tuning glass is split into four lengths, mounted at an angle right in front of the loudspeaker.

Then theres the valve lineup. 3 "modern" miniature all-glass valves sat next to an elderly KT61, and an ancient pre-war U10 rectifier perched above the mains transformer.

A lot of attention has been spent to overcoming valve microphonics. The chassis floats on rubber cushions and the oscilator/mixer valve is on a floating valve socket.
SERVICE DATA The set is almost indentical to the HMV model 1121 released in 1950, for which a copy of the "Trader" service sheet 987 on CD#2
CURRENT STATE Do not adjust your monitor ! Yes, those dials are all over the place as the chassis is bent, as is the tuning spindal.

Damaged Tone Control Switch [12K]This radio must have been dropped at some time. Such was the force that it has shattered the wafer of the four-position tone control. This is so inaccessable that its gonna be a right pain to fix, but hey, could be worse, could have been the wavechange switch ! However, somehow the control knobs managed to survive.
WHERE FOUND Second hand shop for 25

Chassis View [14K]

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