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GEC 5444

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Front View [29K]
  • Released 1953
  • LW, MW and SW wavebands, with three
    additional bandspread shortwave bands.
  • 5 Valves (X79, W77, DH77, N78 and U78)
  • A.C. Mains
  • Original cost unknown
NOTES Although similar in style to the earlier BC5639, it is much smaller and to my mind a hell of a lot better looking because of it.

Although the cabinet is bakelite, the sides are painted in a wood effect, which actually works quite well.

This one had been sat in a second hand shop for a long time. I've seen more of these sets but they have all been in naff condition (one even looked like it had been painted in black bituman!).
SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the schematic in the 1953 edition of the Television and Radio Servicing handbook.
CURRENT STATE Sound unmolested condtion. The only real gribe is a liberal sprinkling of very timy paint spots which, however many you remove, never seem to diminish in numbers !
WHERE FOUND Second hand shop for £20. Probably a bit too much but better than the £50 they wanted 18 months ago !
Rear View [24K]

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