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- 3 Newman Yard, Newman St., London W1
- Hyde, Southampton [1952][1959]

Telemechanics was formed by F.M.Hills in 1946. It later became part member of the Pena Group. When the Pena group went into liquidation in 1959 the Telemechanics activities were re-aquired by Mr. Hills.

Picture of model PT/V2352 [21K]
5-channel 23-valve model PT/V2352 projecting onto 4ft x 3ft screen.
Announced November 1952 and costing £150.

In the early half of the 1950's, Telemechanics specialised in produced projection sets specifically for projection onto a seperate screen. The primary customers for their products would be for use in clubs and small cinemas.

Advert from Wireless World, March 1954 [28K]

The projection chassis was also made available for other companies to incorporate into their products, and pehaps also for the amatuer with particularly deep pockets. The chassis-only product was presumably quite popular since advertisments for it appeared heavily in both Practical television an Wireless World magazines for several years.

Men oenjoying the projection set over Port and cigars [14K]   Front view of the unit [25K]
The Telemex CT1. Pictures from an advertisment in November 1953
Link to Advert [122K]

Although the majority of their projections sets were aimed at larger audiances such as in pubs, clubs, hotels and such like they did make one attempt at a set for the home viewer, the model CT1. A novel feature of the unit was that it was housed in a coffee table, with the projector section arranged so that it could be slid into the cabinet when it wasn't in use.

The company seems to have dissapeard by the second half of the 1950's.

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