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Rainbow Radio Manufacturing Co.,
Mincing Lane, Blackburn, Lancs. (1952)

The Bowjection receiver [5K] Case opened, showing two chassis with optical system mounted above [7K]  
The Bowjection   The "Clubman" Bowjection
  The only two television products I can find by the company are projection receivers. The first, the 'Bowjection', was released circa March 1952 at a time when projection receivers were at the height of their popularity. It is based around the usual Mullard MW6/2 CRT mounted in a Schmidt optical unit intended to project an image 4ft x 3ft on a remote screen. The optical system and twin chassis were housed in a crackle-finished steel cabinet measuring 42in high, 17in wide and 30in overall depth. First announced in May 1952 and advertised in October 1952 at £175 plus an extra £21 for the special screen ; advertisments continued regularly for several years.

The second set, the "Clubman", was released at the end of 1953 and was apparently based on the original chassis. Unlike their earlier set, I have not seen any adverts for this new model. It cost £150 and required a special curved screen costing a further £10
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Advert from October 1952
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