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Brand name used by Hale Electric Co., Ltd.,
Talbot Road, West Ealing, London W13

Whilst Hale may have also shown a television prior to World War 2, they did not produce televisions until several years after the war¹. The company folded in early 1952, a reciever being appointed on the 25th of January of that year; in 1951 they had made a significant investment in radio components just before the shock increase in purchase tax (to 66.7%) significantly hindered their sales.

Picture of HV203 [6K] Picture of HV203 [6K] Picture of ECV1527 [5K] Picture of ECS2231 [5K]
HV203 HV204 ECV1523 ECV1527 ECS2231
May48 T12 T 9"     AC
£94-6-10 £65-2-0
C 10"
Cossor 108K
15 1ch TRF AC-only. The London versions were tuned to the upper sideband of Alexandra Palace.
£66-3-0 £54-0-4
Early Sep49² HV204
£70-7-0 £57-9-0
Mar/apr50 EVR209B2   9"   1ch B'ham Cabinet as HV203 but silk screen around protective glass due to smaller CRT
£64-5-10 £52-10-0
  CV1050   ?10"?   1ch TRF
L & B
The London versions were tuned to the upper sideband of Alexandra Palace.  
  CV1250   ?12"?   TRF
1950 ? ECV1523 Console 10"
Cossor 108K
15 S/Het, L & B  
£x-x-x £48-6-0
  ECV1524   12"
Mazda CRM121A
1950? ECV1527 Console 12"
Mazda CRM121 or CRM121A
15 S/Het, L & B (ad in WET, 9th June 1951)
£89-5-0 £61-11-9
  ETV1527? ?T?          
~Sep50 ECS2231 Console 16" x 12"
21 - 23 S/Het AC Mains. Birmingham model has 'B' suffix. 'HM' version preumably for Holme Moss.
£147-0-0 £126-0-0?
~Aug51 ETV1536 T 12" 15 5ch
£78-15-0 £54-6-10
~Aug51 ETV1637³ 16  
Click for larger view [94K] Click for larger view [177K] Click for larger view [88K]
HV203 / HV204
Advert from August 1949
Link to larger view [94K]
Advert from March 1951
Link to larger view [177K]
Advert from June 1951
Link to larger view [88K]
Click for larger view [63K] Click for larger view [60K]
Link to larger view [63K] Link to larger view [60K]
Two-sided Leaflet for ECV1527
Lorries at Hale's premesis [11K]
Vans being loaded at Hale Electric's premisis in
preperation for the anticipated christmas rush (1950)
Cabinets sold via the surplus markets [43K]
Following their demise, a number of their cabinets found their way into the surplus market.

On-line Service Data

Model(s) File Size Source
ECV1523 / ECV1527 874K ERT Test Report
ECS2231 692K ERT Service sheet
(from TV Service Data CD)

Notes: 1. Maybe started TV production in 1947, but certainly by 1948. "Vintage TV : Etronic", Chas E. Miller, Television Magazine, September 1981.
  2. HV203 / HV204 announced in July.
  3. One publication mentions a model 1537 but not a model 1637. However two further publications mention a 1637 but not a 1537, thus I currently assume the reference to a model 1537 was a misprint.

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