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357 - 359 Old Road, Clacton-On-Sea, Essex

Although the name is usually associated with the manufacture of tuning coils and units, in late 40s and early 50's they marketed several televisions as well as radios and radiogrammes.

~Sep48 DTR2L¹
T 9" T TRF (London)
S/Het (B'Ham)
Also available as chassis-only for £54 plus £11 11s tax.
£72-16-8 £60-0-0
  DTK3         To be confirmed : This may be the kit version of the DTR2.  
Dec49² DTR4 C+D 12" C S/Het
(London 'L' or B'ham 'B')
Walnut cabinet with striped mahogany doors
£93-12-0 £76-10-0
DTR4/R C As DTR4 but with radio
£104-0-0 £85-0-0
49/50 DTR5 T 9"   1ch
(London or B'ham)
AC. Was later available as a kit using either a 9" or 12" CRT. £61-3-7 (tax?)
1950 DTR6³ T 12"     Available for London, Birmingham or Holme Moss. AC mains only.
£54-0-0 £x-x-x

Note 1: Some confusion exists over model numbers. The DTR2L may initially have been the DTR21, the model number changing to DTR2L and DTR2B when seperate London and Birmingham versions were made in 1949.

Note 2 : Announced in the press that it would be available in mid-december. Also available with short Queen Anne style legs.

Note 3 : The DTR6 does not appear in later price guides (1953, 1954) yet these guides do include the earlier models. The only reference to the model is from a price guide in the "Trader" magazine for December 1950 which gave the price as "provisional" so perhaps this set never went into procuction. It may be coincidental but at about this time the original founder and managing director of the company resigned and adverts began to appear Denco sets in chassis-only form or as kits.

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Denco Kit
Advert from October 1949
Link to larger view [102K]
Chassis and Kits
Advert from August 1950
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