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ULTRA 6807

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Front View [37K]
  • Released circa 1970s
  • 5 Valves and quite a few tr*ns*st*rs
  • UHF Only
  • Original cost unknown.
NOTES An early 70's bit of plastic that, fake wood effect asside, looks like most sets of teh period - on/off, brightness and four channel selector buttons. A bit of a last stand, the BRC chassis houses just five valves but seems to have been produced for a number of years before being replaced by an all tr*ns*st*r chassis.
Clearly, todays children's television is far
more educational than it used to be.

SERVICE DATA Indeedie. Must get around to scanning it some time...
CURRENT STATE Externally a very clean example in basically working order, though the C.R.T. is a bit tired (well, it is a Mazda) and the channel switches need a bit of work.
WHERE FOUND A donation (thanks Mikey).

Never seen a 1500 chassis before ? Where have you been hiding.
A few signs of previous repairs - the odd cap and a barely
fitting pair of power resistors

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