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Front view [25K]

  • Mid 1957
  • 17" AW43-80 C.R.T., 16KV E.H.T.
  • 12-channel Bands I/III
  • 15 valves.
  • A.C. / D.C. Mains
  • Original cost unknown.
This set is earlier than I first thought, as it seems to use the Philips 1768U chassis which was released in May 1957. Like many sets of the time, calling it a 12 (or 13) channel set isn't quite the truth. Initially this chassis covered channels 1 to 5 (BBC) but only two of the I.T.V. channels then in use (8 and 9). Cheapskates !

There are however four push buttons on the front. The first is just the on/off, one more is labled "Tone" and the other two might have something to do with the picture itself, being labelled "Crisp" and "Soft" (which can be pressed in simultaneously !?).

The design is definately a mirror image of what it should be. Even the channel change switch is on the left. Or perhaps it was deliberate ; most people are right-handed, so when most people changed channels or pushed any of the buttons on the front they would naturally be to the left of the set whereas on any other set they would be stood right in front of it. Brilliant idea !

DOH ! I do spout some rubbish at times ! It was done by Stella, a Philips subsidiary, it was therefor was probably just a **** up !
SERVICE DATA The manufacturer's manual for the Philips 1768U is on the TV Data CD. It can also be found on the "Trader" service sheet #1318.
CURRENT STATE Very clean ... if you ignore the thick layer of dust on the chassis ! Must have originally come from a very dusty house ;-)
November 2004 Harpendon event for £30. It seems the BVWS have started to use the same sticky labels for the auction lot numbers as the Radiophile ; I swear these labels use the same glue that NASA use on the Space Shuttle's tiles !
Rear view [30K]

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