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Front view showing radio tuning scale [32K]   Front view [31K]
  • Released mid-1948
  • Single channel (TRF?)
  • 12" Mazda CRM121 air bag
  • ?? Valves.
  • A.C. / D.C. mains
  • Original Cost £163 10s 11d
NOTES This was probably Sobell's first television model. It was first displayed at the 1947 Radiolympia show but like so many of the televisions at that show it almost certainly did not until well into 1948. In the end it is a close run between this model and Sobell's smaller 9" console model T87 (first shown at the 1948 British Industries Fair) as to which was introduced first.
Rear of pull-down cover [9K] Light beam source [10K]
Rear view of pull-down cover. Lense that beams light onto back of
screen cover to act as tuning pointer.
The most unusual feature of the set is the door that slides out to cover the CRT; the door includes the three-band radio tuning scale, the pointer for which is actually a light bean projected from under the bottom of the CRT.
SERVICE DATA Yep, its in some (not all) versions of the early editions of the Radio and Television Servicing handbooks.
CURRENT STATE Electrically restored, though the sound section is not as it should be.

But ... you'd better sit down for this one ... no, really, I don't want to get sued when you swoon and faint on the floor ... sitting down ? OK. Well, this set has a Mazda CRM121 that actually produces a picture. No, seriously, I have photo's to prove it !
WHERE FOUND Bought privately for £400.
  View into PSU, doninated by thumping
greate mains transformer.
One very over-engineerd telly chassis !   Weenie little diodes dwarfed by
nice 'n big proper valves.

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