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Front View [15K]

  • Introduced in 1974
  • 9" CRT type 23LK13b
  • U.H.F. with telescopic aerial.
  • 31 transistors and 24 diodes
  • A.C. Mains or 12 volt battery
  • Original cost unknown
NOTES Flying Saucer Transistor [4K]A set produced by the Russian manufacturer "V/O Mashpriborintorg". Most of the components are mounted on a hinged panel that swings horizonal (see picture below).

Uses those funny little transistors that look like miniature flying saucers.

I seem to recal that the reception on this set was a tad insensitive.
SERVICE DATA I have a copy of the original "Trader" service sheet, a copy of which can also be found on the Vintage Television Service Data CDROM.
CURRENT STATE A few battle scars and missing screws. Worked 20 years ago. Daren't switch it on now.
WHERE FOUND Swapped for a stereo valve radiogram in the 70's. It later did sterling service as a monitor for my then modern Acorn Atom computer, regularly travelling in a ruck sack between home (Bristol) and Manchester University. It was subsequently retired to the attic from whence I rescued it a couple of years ago.

Rear View [29K]
You can imagine how tightly packed this gets when you try and
fold the PCB back up to its normally vertical position.

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