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Front View [22K]

  • Released January 1954
  • 12-Channel Band I/III
  • 12" MW31-74 C.R.T. with 7½KV E.H.T.
  • 15 Valves - probably !
  • AC/DC mains
  • Original Cost £40 1s 1d + PT
NOTES This set is basically a Pye V2, released 4 months earlier, but with a factory-fitted Band I/III tuner, making it the first Band III capable set on the market. This was in preparation for the start of commercial television which, however, was still a full year away. The VT2 cost almost £4 more than its V2 predecessor, giving some indication of the cost involved in moving to a tunable band III.

Most manufacturers belonged to the BREMA association of manufacturers, amongst whome an agreement was made not to make reference to tuneability or Band III compatability in their advertising prior to 1st May 1954. However Pye's chairman, C.O.Stanley, had stormed out of BREMA the previous year and wasted no time in bringing out the VT2.

Being the cheapest set in Pye's range (hence the bakelite cabinet), the "flywheel sync" and "automatic picture control" (a kind of AGC) features of other models in their range having been omitted from the VT2 whose only "feature" is basic intererence limiting on both sound and vision .

Cabinet pieces [11K]Unlike many bakelite sets, the VT2's cabinet is actually four seperate relatively flat pieces of bakelite that bolts together like a kit.
SERVICE DATA A copy of the original manufacturer's manual can be found below.
CURRENT STATE The bakelite is undamaged, just the odd scratch and like all bakelite will polish up nicely.

Not sure about the chassis ; the top surface has a fine layer of rust but underneath is pretty clean.

Although the cabinet is bakelite there is - or should I say was - a plywood base. Still, there's no woodworm now as there's no wood left for 'em to chew on !
Remains of worm-eaten plywood base [11K]
Wormy original [9K] Shiney new replacement [9K]
Original base alongside remanufactured replacement.
WHERE FOUND Rescued from a tip by Jim, who swapped it for my panel-mount Solatron 'scope.
v2.pdf [962K] Original manual plus schematic for the VT2's pre-decessor, the V2.
vt2.pdf [254K] Modified circuit diagram and tuner detais. Should be read in conjunction with the v2.pdf manual.

Chassis View [31K]Band I/III TunerLine output stageMetal cabinet strenghening barMetal cabinet strenghening barSpeaker
Plenty of surface rust on the top of the chassis.

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