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Front view [28K]

  • Released September 1950
  • Single channel T.R.F.
  • 12" C.R.T. with 6½KV E.H.T.
  • 15 Mullard Valves
  • A.C. / D.C. mains
  • Original Cost £44 15s 7d + Tax
This is a large screen version of the popular LV30/BV30, which were Pye's first range to use miniature valves exclusively (good bye pretty red EF50's). They are also the last of the Pye T.R.F. sets.

The chassis is a tight squeeze in the cabinet. Indeed there is a slight cut-out in the back of the cabinet to give just an extra 0.1 inch or so gap ... yet you still can't get the darn thing out without tilting teh chassis at EXACTLY the right angle.

This particular set is the fringe model which includes an extra single-valve RF amplifier ; the standard model was available for both London and Birmingham although the fringe version was restricted to London only.
SERVICE DATA The original manufacturer's service manual is available on the TV Data CD.
Pretty good cabinet (shame the few scratches look to have been made fairly recently). Dusty unmolested chassis. However the focus lever appears to be missing.

The front glass is set into the rubber mask, and the rubber mask is clamped to the front of the CRT, making cleaning of the tube face a real chore.
WHERE FOUND October 2004 NVCF for £40.
Chassis view #1 [22K] Chassis view #2 [23K]
The additional RF amplifier of this
fringe model can be seen towards
the front of the CRT.
Dusty, rust free but wheres the
focus assembly ?

Under-chassis view [24K]
Apart from a single ancient RS Components electrolytic,
the chassis looks untouched.

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