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Front view [29K]

  • Released 1953
  • 14" MW36-24 rectangular C.R.T.
  • 16 valves.
  • A.C./D.C. mains.
  • £89 2s 5d (incl purchase tax)
NOTES This is quite a small console set, in fact it is so low I could probably rest my beer belly on the top of it.

The set could be tuned to any one of the original five Band I BBC channels, as illustrated at the bottom of this page. This set also has a form of flywheel sync fitted as standard - even in the years that followed most manufacturers only seem to have used this method on their fringe area models.

There are only two controls at the front of this set - volume/on/off and contrast - which are discretely hidden by the overhang of the top surface of the set.

There appears to have been two versions of this set, the FV4C and this, the FV4DL. Appart from a fivers difference in the purchase price I can't find what the difference between these two sets was. Was it simply that the first version wasn't fitted with doors ???

F124 Band III Tuner [10K] Within a year or two, a second television channel - ITA - opened up. This set has a bakelite Pye-manufactured convertor (a set-top box!) fitted to enable reception of this new channel in addition to the original BBC channel.

The unit uses three valves, of which one valve is removed from the set itself and the unit plugged into that valves original socket.
SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the service data on the TV CD Service Data Volume 1 CD, along with data for the F124 band III adapter.
CURRENT STATE The top surface has suffered and will need refinishing, but the rest of the set is very nice, with a dusty chassis that clearly hasn't seen a drop of damp in its life.
WHERE FOUND This turned up at the watery skip anyique shop at the same time as the HMV2508 a couple of months ago, but they wanted £60 for it. The last two times I've been it was marked at £45. Then today they were clearing space for some new stock, which no doubt helped me get it for £25.

Chassis view [30K]
The chassis appears to be made from two chassis side by side. The orange cable carries all of the connections for the set-top box.The main chassis (left) is very similar to the Pye FV2 range whereas the smaller chassis on the right is from the FV1 range. The latter chassis, which is mainly the R.F. section, could be tuned to any one of the the five BBC channels depending upon where in the country the set was located. The back of this chassis - illustrated below - shows how the channels were selected. The plug on the left is the aerial input whereas each of the three screws is used to connect the appropriate tapping point of various tuning coils to ground.
Unusual tuning arrangements [32K]

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