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Front View [16K]

  • Released August 1950
  • Band I T.R.F.
  • 9" MW22-16 C.R.T. with 6.5KV E.H.T.
  • 14 Valves
  • AC/DC mains
  • Original Cost £33 8s 10d + PT
Period advert. Vlick for larger view [93K]
Period Edvert.
Link to larger view [93K]
The BV30 was intended to receive Birmingham transmissions. An almost identical model (the LV30) had been released for the London area two months earlier.

This model was the successor to the BV20 released the previous year, with the circtuitry redesigned to replace the essentially pre-war EF50 valves with the recently released EF80 valve.

This is the first British set to utilise a tinted perspex implosion gaurd to improve contrast under high ambient lighting conditions. The darkest a picture can be is the colour of the screen itself, however this will be brighter depending on the level of ambient light. The idea of the filter is to attenuate the light twice, once on the way to the screen and once after reflection weheras the normal TV picture only passes through the filter once.
SERVICE DATA A copy of the original manufacturer's manual can be found on the TV Service Data CD.
CURRENT STATE The woodwork is a little tired and the back panel has suffered damage from the heat generated by the mains dropper resistor (an all too common problem).
WHERE FOUND Auction at the BVWS 2003 Wotton Bassett bash for £55.
But no longer in the collection.

Chassis view [38K]

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