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PYE 48

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Front View [26K]

  • Released February 1967
  • Dual Standard
  • 19" C.R.T.
  • 8 Valves plus 11 tr*ns*st*rs
  • AC mains only.
  • Original Cost Unknown
NOTES This set utilises the Pye group's '67' chassis, which also appeared in sets wearing the Ekco and Ferranti badges.

Although transistors had been in commercial use for some ten years, valves were still a more economical solution in circuits requiring high power and/or voltage, hence the hybrid design of this chassis.

Many dual standard sets would utilise seperate tuners for V.H.F. (405-line) and U.H.F. (625-line), however this set has a single combined tuner. The tuner provides three presettable channels for each standard, channels being tuned via a control at the back of the set.
SERVICE DATA There is a copy of the service data on the TV CD Service Data Volume 1 CD.
CURRENT STATE Good condition and fully working.

As with many sets of the era, four screw-on supporting legs were available as an option ... don't suppose anyone has a set ?
WHERE FOUND Bought privately for £10.

Rear view [26k]Main smoothing cap - 5 electrolytics in one can!Tuning adjusterLine output valveEHT RectifierMains dropper resistor405 / 625 system switch
Components mounted on two P.C.B. panels
mounted onto a hinged metal chassis.

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