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  • 1972
  • 20-inch Mullard A50-120WN C.R.T.
  • Singles standard.
  • No valves :-(
  • AC / DC
  • Original Cost unknown
Slimline ? [4K]   Maybe not [3K]
Cor, how slimline !   ... sort of
A sort-of super slimline design. Certainly the cabinet gives the impression of a thin set not short of a modern plasma TV ... well, from some angles . What a cheat !

Weird alien field oscillator [6K] The set appears much younger than 1972, what with the lack of valves, lots of three-legged fuses and no fewer than three *nt*gr*t*d c*rc**ts. Not to mention several thyristors in the power supply and a very peculiar four-legged fuse acting as the frame oscillator.

This set is amongst the first to use varicap tuning, a system referred to as "Electrobutton" tuning by Philips. Tuning is accomplished by varying the voltage across a reverse biased diode, which causes the capacitance of the diode to change. Now that tuning is accomplished via the application of a voltage, other circuitry can monitor the accuracy of the tuning and thus apply correction to avoid drift.
SERVICE DATA Only a supplement to the manufacturer's provisional service data which is dated September 1972.
CURRENT STATE Rear label suggesting the set was a rep's sample [5K]Super clean, in fact the chassis looks unused so maybe the manuscript on the set's rear lable is correct and this set was used as a salesman's sample.

The on/off switch was the first real puzzle - until I worked out you pulled it to switch it on (D'oh!). The bigger puzzle was how to tune the set ; it clearly used varicap tuning so somewhere there had to be a pile of pots behind the front panel. It was some time before it sunk in that the button assembly rotates downwards - it was just a bit stiff.

One control knob is missing but it looks just like the type that appear on a zillion radios from the 70s. The wooden supports glued onto the base aren't original but they are a ruddy good idea as without them the cabinet would surely topple over at the first attempt to press one of the tuner buttons. But then again, the set would have originally come with a stylish chrome stand as can be seen in teh illustration taken from a period sales brochure.
Wotton Bassett auction, December 2005, for £2.

Squeaky clean interior. This set has seen little use.

"Warning : This set is fitted with
big girl's blouses (aka transistors)"
  EHT rectifier pretending to
be a valve by wearing a top cap.

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