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TV Screen Magnifier

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Magnifier [17K]
  • Early 50's
  • Original Cost : Unknown
The standard screen sizes for television sets increased quickly during the first half of the 1950's, rising from round 9" screens (whose area could not be fully utilised) to rectangular 17" screens by the mid-50's. At the time, television sets still represented a significant investment so those people stuck with smaller screen sets were tempted by magnifiers from several different manufacturers.

However, nothing's for free and these lenses would both reduce the brightness and result in picture distortion for anybody not in direct line with the TV's screen.

The unit is largely manufactured using perspex, with the main lense section being filled with a clear oil.
SERVICE DATA Yep ... its written on the back of a can of Mr. Sheen !.
CURRENT STATE Good un-broken condition. The oil in these things can discolour, however in this example it is nice and clear.
WHERE FOUND 2003 B.V.W.S. meeting at Wotton Bassett for £10.

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