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Front View [49K]
  • Released mid-60's?
  • 19" Mullard A47-26W C.R.T.
  • Dual Standard
  • 13 Valves
  • A.C. mains. only
  • Original Cost unknown
Amongst the last of the dual standard sets, this set features a valve V.H.F. tuner above a tr*ns*st*r*s*d U.H.F. tuner. All quite modern if it wasn't for the fact that nearly 10 years after printed circuit boards (P.C.B.'s) had begun to appear they were still proud to proclaim that their sets were hand wired. Mind you, judging by some of the early P.C.B.-equiped sets I've seen, a hand wired chassis was probably a good thing.

By now we are well into the badge engineering era where the same basic design would appear under various brand names, where a base model might be released under the, say Kolster Brandes brand whilst a more upmarket version would under a brand such as RG, with a more oppulant cabinet ....
Basic low-cost KB Model   Upmarket RGD Version

... only this time they seemed to have forgotton the oppulance.
SERVICE DATA The set uses the VC51/2 chassis. Got _three_ manuals ... all minus the schematic, D'oh!
CURRENT STATE Possibly working. However, the electrical safety testing sticker clearly states "Do not use after 17/09/2009" so I daren't switch it on and attract the wrath of the Effin Safety wombles. I mean, what if I were to get an electric shock off of the wooden cabinet, plastic control knobs or glass C.R.T. screen ? Just not worth the risk, though at least the cardboard rear cover is properly earthed.
WHERE I GOT IT A donation to the cause.

Rear View [74K]

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